Mining Water Carts for Wet Hire Applications in Western Australia.

Your water truck can take on a variety of projects throughout Western Australia, and wet hire ensures that you'll get a skilled operator. Wet hire also removes the stress that comes with trying to find your own water cart operator if you don't have one on staff. Instead, you get an experienced person that'll work with your staff to finish your project. The most popular applications for a water cart include:

  • Dust Suppression- Australia has a dusty and dry outback, and this presents unique challenges for dust control. Water carts offer a powerful solution for dust suppression, and this is especially important when you work in the civil construction and mining sectors. Workers use water trucks to soak the dry earth to reduce clouds of dust in large and small-scale projects.

  • Road Construction - Adding moisture into the soil through a water truck's spray can make it easier to compact into an even surface. This is critical for road construction projects. You'll typically use a water cart in tandem with a grader or roller compactor to compress the road's surface to get an even and smooth finish.
  • Road Maintenance- Eventually, you'll have to go out and maintain roads throughout Australia, and getting a handle on the dust can be difficult. It's also difficult to compact the filler into areas when everything is dry. Water trucks help to soak the area and prevent workers from breathing in excess dust.

Vernice Serves Several Communities in Western Australia

At Vernice, we believe that everyone should be able to have adequate dust suppression capabilities with quality water carts. If your next project is in Joondalup, Perth, Fremantle or Toodyay, we're ready to help. Contact us today to start the process!

Date: 08/07/2019

How To Use A Water Truck For Mining

Vernice water cart for hire

Water carts are an essential part of large and small construction and mining operations. Road maintenance, dust suppression and compaction are among the most popular uses for these powerful pieces of equipment. Water trucks differ from traditional trucks because they come with a custom chassis design, special tank specifications, pumping equipment and mounting apparatuses installed.

How Water Trucks Operate

A mining water cart comes in several designs and sizes, and they have trucks that can easily haul 36,000 litres in a single trip. For mining operations, you can get water carts that come with safety equipment and off-road tyres that have additional reinforcement for better stability.

Each truck also has slightly different filling and spraying capabilities depending on the intended use. For example, your water truck may have filler pipes mounted on the near side through an opening in the top of the tank. Spray nozzles can be on the front, rear or side of the truck, and the driver typically controls them from the truck's cab. You'll find hose reels, drip bars, water cannons and much more.

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