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Vernice Pty Ltd has the experience and equipment to undertake all manner of earthmoving and civil construction projects in and around Perth, and all over Western Australia. Below are samples of past civil construction projects completed:

Challenges faced

•    workers living and working away

•    Weather – during the project there was some heavy rainfall and some high temperatures. However, only lost 5 days out of the 356 days we were working on site.

Learnings from the Project

•    Good relationship with all contractors – helps the project run smoothly.

•    Paperwork is essential

•    Communication between all parties (large or small) – directors, employees, supervisors and contractors, suppliers and management, admin (all went extremely well)

Details of the Project

•    Backfill the wind turbine sites

•    Mobilisation and demobilisation - transport of machinery (logistics of when and how the machines were moved to ensure safety and efficiency were top priorities)

•    Creation of roads – access roads to each turbine

•    Pads for the turbines (42)

•    Dug culverts

•    Dug holes for turbines

•    Supply and installed stones - Stone work in the drains

•    Stockpile gravel

•    Shifted gear on site as the sites were completed – 42 tower sites were erected.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project as it allowed for our young operators to fine tune their skills on different machines. The length of the job and repetitiveness allowed for processes to be fine-tuned.

The job entailed creating the base of the wind power stations and creating safe and strong access roads in between each one and at the entry of the farm.

42 turbines were erected.

Several machines were used to complete this mammoth and unique project, including;

•    Loader 966H

•    Excavators (Komatsu and CAT)

•    Graders x3 john deer 2X140H Cat

•    Water Truck

•    Pad Foot Roller, smooth drum roller

•    Scraper 615

•    Dozer d9 d7

•    Road train side tippers X2

Employees - 14

We worked closely and efficiently with Catcon, the head contractors, to complete the job on time and at top quality. Catcon are an exceptional company to work with.

Badgingarra Wind Farm 1/11/17-8/01/19

Minderro is located in Onslow, WA. 

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has a heavy interest in the mining industry and cattle stations. 

We won the contract of the Air Strip Construction and, in 2014, completed project.

This project was very unique and was enjoyed by all who worked on the project.

On the right you will see one of the final stages of the project, the laying of bitumen.

Minderoo Airstrip for Andrew Forrest

Ventia Opus - York - Quairading Road Works

View our Road Works Video

Mauravillo Estate

We have successully constructed the first stage and are currently completing stage 2.

All infrastructure to access the estate had to be upgraded and top quality before the start of the road construction within the estate. Both stages 1 and 2 of the subdivision involved the construction of underground power, underground water and vehicle roads.

Northam Eco Village

We have completed construction of an entire sub-division of modular homes for over 45s in 2019 in Northam, WA. 

This construction include house construction, utility construction, slab construction and more. The Northam Eco Village offers a peaceful, harmonious environment within a comfortable hour-long drive of the Perth CBD.

Check out what machines were used for this project in the video.

Completed: 2019

Lendlease – Carrabin Main Roads

Currently undergoing upgrades to Great Western Highway in Carrabin, WA. Utilising excavation, roadwork/maintenance and earthmoving services, we are assisting in:

  • re-alignment of sub-standard curves on east and west approaches to Carrabin Improvements to the information/parking bay access, roadhouse access, pavement and drainage
  • intersections improvements at Carrabin Siding Road and Westonia Road
  • Removal of an existing four-way intersection


This upgrade will result in safer passing opportunities due to improved oprad alignment and improved east-west access for oversized vehicles.

Catcon – Badgingarra Wind Farm

Currently being constructed north of APA’s existing Emu Downs Wind Farm since 2017, due for completion early 2019. In addition to the positive environmental impacts, the wind farm will also positively impact the residents of surrounding local towns and communities. This will stem from the creation of local employment opportunities and local businesses stimulation due to increased construction traffic and personnel.

Shire of Victoria Plains – Roadswest – Lime Route Road Maintenance

Currently performing maintenance works along Lime Route. Upgrading parts of the road to ensure the safe travel of Lime carting trucks. The Lime Route is the route that trucks carting Lime Sand from the coast and delivering it to farmer. Lime Sand is used to restore pH levels over crops.

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