Agricultural Services

Vernice provides agricultural earthmoving and excavating services for projects throughout Western Australia.

We have extensive knowledge in agricultural excavation and earthmoving from our fifty years’ worth of experience as the Western Australian specialists in wet hire solutions. We are experts in a wide variety of excavation and earthmoving examples, including dam construction, weir construction, clearing driveways, firebreaks, tree removal, fence lines, and much more. We want to work together to provide you with the plant hire solution that you need to fulfil your project needs.

Supplying professional plant hire and service excellence since 1972.

We are proud to serve all throughout Perth and Western Australia for all types of excavation and earthmoving projects. We know that every project is different from the last, and over the many decades of service, we have constantly met new challenges head-on and come out of it more experience and capable than before. At Vernice, we can provide our wet hire excavators, graders, dump trucks and dozers for various agricultural projects. These projects include:

  • Dam construction
  • Weir Construction
  • Fire breaks
  • Tree removal
  • Fence lines
  • Gravel pushing
  • Contour backfill
  • Stockpiling gravel and limestone.
  • Clearing driveways
Vernice Grader

Dam construction and weir construction Western Australia.

Excavating in and around waterways is often a difficult task, given the muddy terrain excavators and earthmovers are forced to work in. At Vernice we have the plant hire options and the operator experience to perform dam and weir excavation and construction, delivering professional workmanship and expertise to the project. Our expertise and wide range of adaptable plant hire allows us to correctly handle the difficult terrain.

Firebreak construction and tree removal Western Australia.

As Australia’s climate changes, becoming warmer with less rainfall on average, bushfires have been becoming more frequent than ever. Therefore, especially in areas surrounded by bushland, you need ways to slow or stop fires before they deal more damage. Whether for civil or residential purposes, you need firebreaks to slow and weaken a bush fire. For a successful firebreak, you need an elongated area of land stripped of plant matter, deadwood and trees. Vernice has the wet hire solution you need for firebreak construction in forests and bushland. As a legal obligation, many rural properties must make strides to ensure that their property is preventing bushfires, rather than causing them. Firebreak construction is an excellent way to ensure that potential damage caused by fire is greatly reduced.

Vernice Fleet of Dozers

Fence Line Construction Western Australia.

At Vernice, we understand the importance of having a properly made, strong and reliable fence line to avoid disputes between neighbours. We offer you the operators and the experience necessary to plan, place and construct fencing lines that withstand the test of time. We use only the best of materials when we help you construct your fence. We also ensure that your fence follows the specifications and expectations of both yourself and the neighbour.

Gravel and limestone stockpiling, gravel pushing, contour backfilling for Western Australia.

Our graders for hire, tipper trucks for hire and excavators for hire are perfect solutions for all types of gravel pushing, stockpiling and backfilling. We call upon our over fifty years of experience in excavation and earthmoving in order to utilise the most effective and efficient methods of stockpiling and backfilling. From compaction to water jetting to gravel pushing we have the right backfilling solution for your project. We also take significant measures to ensure safe gravel and limestone stockpiling and gravel pushing.

Agriculture Services

Contact Vernice today for more information on all the agricultural construction and agricultural excavation services that Vernice has to offer.

As a diverse and adaptable excavation and earthmoving company able to perform in a wide range of specialised roles, Vernice’s agricultural construction and agricultural excavation services are among Western Australia’s most comprehensive. For more information about our service and our plant hire, contact us today and receive a free quote.

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