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We are Perth’s premier excavation and earthmoving service. We supply our professional and diverse plant hire service to civil excavation and civil earthmoving projects throughout Western Australia. Over our long history of operation since the 1970’s, we have developed and fine-tuned our services to appeal to a wide range of project specifications. We have met the challenges we have faced before us and come out of them better than ever, and our broad skillset and professional attitude shows this.

We provide a diverse selection of civil excavation and civil earthmoving for road and highway projects throughout Western Australia, including roadworks, seal coating, shoulder reconstruction and more.

Vernice is ready and eager to lend its expertise to any road and highway civil construction or civil excavation project in Western Australia. We provide plant hire for services such as:

  • Roadworks.
  • Road modification and road maintenance.
  • Shoulder reconstruction and kerbing.
  • Seal coating asphalt and seal coating bitumen.
  • Underground locating and surveying.
  • General excavation and bulk excavation for carparks, main roads, driveways and airstrips.

Our fleet of wet hire machines give us great versatility that allows us to meet the right job with the right plant hire machine for the job.

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Car park construction, main road construction, driveway construction and airstrip construction Western Australia.

Our carpark construction, main roads construction, driveway construction and airstrip construction services have been developed and mastered over the course of our career serving across Western Australia. We implement smart and attractive design philosophies, and through our diverse plant hire range we can complete any project to your personal specifications. Our breadth of expertise covers small residential projects all the way up to maintaining and constructing airstrips.

Subdivision construction in Western Australia.

Subdivision construction involved several different excavation and construction tasks, including land clearing, bulk earthworks, stormwater drainage installation and sewer drainage installation, retaining wall construction, landscaping and more. At Vernice, our experience in working throughout Western Australia on various excavation and earthmoving projects has given us the expertise to excavate and construct subdivision professionally and thoroughly.

Drainage construction and maintenance Western Australia.

From stormwater drainage to sewer drainage installation, at Vernice, we have the plant hire and operator experience to complete your drainage installation efficiently and professionally. Using modern techniques and machines, while operating under the most comprehensive safety standards, Vernice works tirelessly to completes each drainage installation, excavation and construction project to each individual projects’ specifications.

Crushing, screening, gravel pushing and stockpiling Western Australia.

We are experts at making sure that those “behind-the-scenes” jobs are completed professionally and swiftly, allowing you to progress smoothly with everything else in your project. You’ll never have to worry about screening and crushing because we will manage it for you, so you and us can get on the with the job. Whether you need to screen and crush blue metal, sand gravel and stone, we have the screening plant for you.

Vernice Vernice Dozer with Tipper
Vernice Civil Excavation and Earthmoving Services
Vernice Civil Excavation and Earthmoving Services

Roadworks, road modification and road maintenance Western Australia.

For effective roadwork and road maintenance solutions driven by exceptional excavator and dry hire and wet hire, contact Vernice today. Whether its minor excavation on the side of the road or a road restoration project or bulk excavation for a civil excavation project, Vernice has the plant hire and the experienced operators to complete each project safely and professionally.

Shoulder reconstruction and kerbing Western Australia.

At Vernice, we are a general civil and residential construction and maintenance company providing varied plant hire for projects throughout Western Australia. We help to ensure the safety of all roads through the creation of wide, clearly defined shoulders with the implementation of safety barriers and walls when needed.

Underground service locating Western Australia.

As civil excavation specialists, we can provide not only general excavation and maintenance for roadways and highways, but also the excavation and installation of underground services and utilities. From water pipes, to electrical cables to underground structures, we provide the underground locating equipment, and additionally the experience from our operators to assist you in ensuring an accurate and non-destructive excavation process.

Seal coating, asphalt repair and bitumen repair Western Australia.

To protect your roads and highways from degrading and becoming brittle, you need a comprehensive seal coating/asphalt and bitumen repair service with years of experience behind them. Protecting roads from rain, UV rays and constant wear and tear is an integral part of maintaining and servicing roads and Vernice have the decades of knowledge and experience to provide this service with excellence and expertise you won’t find elsewhere.

Vernice Civil Excavation and Earthmoving Services

Need project consultation services to ensure that you’re getting the right machine for the right job in Western Australia? Contact us today, and we’ll get started assisting you so that you in getting exactly the right machine.

We’ll help you with estimating the proper size and workload that your project will experience and sizing an appropriate machine for you. Contact us today and we’ll not only assist you in sizing you project, but you’ll also receive a free quote on our service.

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