What are our Different Excavator Sizes?


Date: 27/11/2019

The main function of an excavator is to dig trenches, holes and foundations as well as carry various materials to and from your worksite. An excavator provides you with the power to complete an array of project tasks that would require a lengthy period of time if you didn’t have an excavator. An excavator also completes these project tasks much more easily and more effectively than other construction equipment. However, in today’s age of technology, there are many sizes of the excavator that can range from completing general landscaping to undertaking big construction projects.

To ensure that you are hiring or buying an excavator that is specific to your project, we have collated the different excavator sizes and what project type each size is suited to.

Our different excavator sizes include:

  • 2.5T Excavator
  • 5T Excavator
  • 20T Excavator
  • 30T Excavator
  • 45T Excavator
  • 60T + Excavator

2.5T Excavator

The 2.5T excavator is the smallest and most mobile excavator out of the entire range. This excavator size is recommended to tackle small residential excavation projects but can also work in tight access areas. This size excavator provides exceptional power and excavation accuracy for its size.

5T Excavator

The 5T excavator is the next size up from the 2.5T, with more power and even better accuracy control, this excavator size is a fan favourite. Whether you are working on a small-scale residential construction project or bulk excavation project, the 5T excavator provides versatility as well as reliability to any worksite.

20T Excavator

The 20T excavator is one of the most versatile choices for your excavation needs. This excavator size offers a powerful engine with efficient excavation to match. This 20T excavator can tackle any excavation project. From a commercial project to a civil construction project or residential project, the 20T excavator can complete any large-scale project at optimal performance.

30T Excavator

The 30T excavator is known for completing large civil construction projects like demolitions as well as large residential landscaping projects. 30T excavators work best on wide, flat surfaces as you will need a wide turning circle to manoeuvre this excavator.

45T Excavator

The 45T excavator is mostly suited to completing very heavy-duty projects. If you are looking for some serious power to complete your demolition projects or large-scale commercial construction project, the 45T excavator can undertake anything. From moving soil in major civil construction sites, to undertaking foundation digging, large project versatility is the 45T excavators’ strengths.

60T + Excavator

The 60T excavator like the 45T excavator is utilised for the biggest construction projects you have may. Manoeuvrability is not the 60T excavators' strong point, but its lifting and loading capacity far outweigh the negatives.

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